Fauvely (faux-vlee) is the deeply personal dream-pop project led by Sophie Brochu. Inspired by the dark, the wild, love, and loss, Brochu crafts songs in which she offers her most intimate thoughts, veiled by delicate swells and hushed grandeur.


The Georgia native didn't start writing her own songs until she was in graduate school in Chicago studying fiction writing. "I was hitting a wall with my work and I knew there was something more that I wanted to say through music."


Fauvely released two EPs, Watch Me Overcomplicate This (2017) and This is What the Living Do (Diversion Records, 2019), performing regularly around bars and clubs in Chicago and completing several short tours. With Dale Price on lead guitar, Dave Piscotti on drums, and Phil Conklin on bass, the band's debut full-length, Beautiful Places (April 2021), was called "an astonishing album of brilliant maturity, writing, and arrangements" by Rolling Stone France